Loft-style walls

The "attic" American style cannot be confused with any other. It is characterized by outstanding features in the form of cold colors, brickwork (or plaster), metal painting. But the most important thing is that the loft style is characterized by ceilings with open ventilation, pipes that resemble a production room.
A loft-style home resembles a living space converted from a factory or a former factory. The style originated in America in the 40s, when the Great Depression just ended. At this time, industrial premises began to be leased. The loft is characterized as a style for creative, free people.

The main features of the style

I would like to note right away that a loft allows a combination of different styles: for example, high-tech or industrial can be combined. Often incongruous things are the "highlight" of the project: "shabby masonry" and high-tech furniture. The main feature is industrialization, which can be indicated by open communications: pipelines, ventilation and more.
Often, a loft-style house has a second floor: this helps to fully comply with the direction , because it implies high ceilings and free space. As for the space, it has no partitions. The windows are not covered with curtains, as it is very important that a lot of natural light enters the room.

Furniture plays an important role in the interior. Its design is very simple, here practicality takes the first place. It is permissible to combine antiques with modern gizmos, but at the same time antique furniture serves as an accent, that is, there should be less of it. A very important rule is zoning. Furniture should be compatible with each other within different areas.
Large posters, posters or paintings by famous artists are often used in the loft style. You can often see an unusual exhibit on the wall: a surfboard or a bicycle. This design is more typical of creative people.

Loft is a bold and extraordinary style that is at the peak of its popularity.

Let's consider several characteristic features of the direction.

Wall decoration. As a rule, in such an interior, plaster is used for the walls or they are painted with paint. Most often you can see concrete or brickwork.
Spacious area. High ceilings, a minimum of partitions and large windows are the main features of the style.
Decor. There are a lot of handmade items in the interior. Exclusive crafts are easy to find online or in a vintage store. You can also see indoor plants: palm trees, ficuses.
Furniture. It must be functional, always made of metal or natural wood.

Material options

There are a lot of wall decoration options. You can turn to the masters, and with the help of certain materials, you can independently create something unique. A black wall, for example, is ideal for extraordinary people, and stenciled inscriptions can also be seen on the walls. To plan the finish, you first need to choose the right materials. The most popular ones will be discussed below.


Brick is rightfully considered the best material for decoration. Masonry comes in several shades: white, brown, gray. The brick finish looks great in different rooms. Often, imitation bricks are installed in the house, for example, smooth tiles. This option is especially good in the kitchen, because the tiles are not susceptible to dirt and are easy to clean from stains.

It is not at all necessary to cover all the walls with bricks: mixing is permissible, for example, with plaster. Color is chosen at will, but red brick is most common. Fans of something non-standard can use the black version.


Another popular material for wall decoration. Hardly anyone associates concrete with coziness, but in the loft style it can look different. The main difference between architectural concrete is its appearance: the coating is smooth, soft, without cracks. Art concrete must meet visual aesthetic requirements. This material differs in texture, colors.
For those with a rebellious spirit, externally "damaged" surfaces are suitable, while smooth options are appropriate for minimalist designs.
The material can be replaced with decorative plaster for concrete. Interestingly, it is used in food service establishments, clubs and office buildings. Novacolor, ASTI, San Marco, Elf Decor are the best manufacturers of such material.


Since cold comes from the metal, there should be a minimum of such material. It can be taken as a basis: for example, there may be metal pipes on the ceiling, which will bring the spirit of the city into the atmosphere of the house. It should be noted that metal decor does not have to be massive and monumental. Sometimes, just one forged headboard or metal furniture legs is enough - it all depends on the preferences of the owner of the house.

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